To Write or Not to Write

I’m taking a blogging break for a few weeks or maybe more. Different blogs have different types of writing, not only because of the writing style but because of the intention, and it shows.

I suppose blogs can be divided into the kind that have something authoritative and/or definitive to say and those that are a personal diary. Either of these may present a “polished, ready book” form and others that are very raw, “get it out on paper and work on it more later” form.

My posts have been a mix of these. At times I’ve written about an idea I’ve been mulling over for a long time. Often personal experience synchronistically weaves into this. Other times I was moved to write because of something I’d learned, whether from a book, a life lesson, or most often a combination of the two.

One thing’s for sure. It has always been an expression of immediate thoughts, feelings and impressions. In logotherapy the meaning of the moment is paramount. At the same time I feel a need to go back and look at what I’ve written from a distance to see if there is a better way to express it.

In addition to this sometimes my understanding of something has deepened and broadened due to life experience. This is a common human experience, except that some writers give you the bottom line and others, like myself are interested in sharing the process of how an insight grew and developed within me.

I am taking time out to go back and reread what I’ve written with an eye to both putting it into order and tracing the steps of my process. I will continue to blog here and there. If I have something on my mind to write I might as well put it on the blog. But it won’t be my main writing venue.

You readers can also take the time when there are no posts to read the old ones and comment. If you do, your thoughts will further stimulate my thoughts and be grist for the mill for the book I want to write.

My hope is I will get more comments than spam.

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