The Fault Line

Another way of putting what I wrote yesterday is this: In life we live on the fault line between the innate feeling inside of how we enjoy giving and what the world is offering us.

It is said that blocks are meant to separate those who give up from those who want it badly enough.

On the other hand it helps to see blocks as redirections.

Sometimes something happens that pulls certain strengths out of us.

It seems we’re always following two different tracks at the same time and trying to somehow find a way to put them together. What do I really want? What makes my heart sing? Listen to it. Follow that voice. And then there’s the reality in front of me. What does it invite me to? What is the meaning I can discover here if I only listen and follow its message?

Are these two messages the same? If not, how is it possible to go two ways at once?

This is the paradox. The only way is to be open, remain curious and follow both with trust that life is not leading us astray and that somehow, someway, somewhere the two paths will merge.

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