Intertwining Paths

Some things seem to have clear-cut steps to them. If you want to be an appliance repair person you’ll know exactly what you have to do. There are clear steps about how to learn and there are clear steps telling you how to advertise and bring your talents into the world to be used, so that you can do what you enjoy doing and you can feel you are finding your place in the world by contributing what you have to give there.

However, I think that for most things it’s not like being an appliance repair person. It’s not clear what steps you need to take in order to use your talents and to make your dream a reality. There’s frequently a gap between what you know you have to give and finding a way to give it. Call it finding your target population, or finding a physical space or finding money for any number of things you’ll need to put it all together.

Naturally it’s going to be like this because at any given moment there are two different processes going on at the same time. There is the path and process of this world with all of its writing letters and knocking on doors and such and then there is the hidden path which is the divine miraculous process at work right there in the space between the lines, going on at the very same time.

Leave it all up to the miraculous and nothing will happen because you haven’t made a space for it. Think it’s all about you and you will find your power falls short.

It is when we take an attitude that we have to do our part while knowing the results are not up to us that we allow for the miraculous to happen.

This mindset was still a barrier for me. I felt I can allow for the miraculous as long as I have clarity of knowing the steps I have to take to get from here to there. But I don’t have that kind of clarity.

And then today I realized something else. Not everything has to have clear steps. Not every creative endeavor is like being an appliance repair person. Sometimes the goal is unclear and the steps are unclear. Yet even in the fuzziness, the miraculous process can be allowed in.

In a case where it’s not clear what all the steps of a process need to be, the human effort and making of space in a “this world” process is to do whatever seems to be the next step.

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