Reflecting in logotherapy is not the same as the method of mirroring back what the client has said to us. We’re mirroring back meaning. The focus is the person and not “the problem.” We stop and reflect together that he’s been brought to a crossroads in life and we contemplate the meaning of this.

Even in a situation of suffering there is meaning. We try to turn his attention away from feeling deprived and from indulging in self-pity to finding opportunity for fulfilling values he cares about in the particular situation.

Furthermore we reflect back on what the process has been and what s/he is supposed to do with it.

We take cues/hints to meaning and put them into words; to express an ‘Aha!’ moment that dawns on both of them. (The client has transmitted it and the therapist brings it to light.) Even if the therapists suggestion is wrong, the client’s response will bring them closer to the truth. An important rule to keep in mind is: The essence of faith is to risk a meaning. More often than not, the meaning strikes you and you talk about something that dawns on both of you. It’s an “Aha!” moment for you both.

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