Of Imagery and Evaluation

I believe that guided and unguided imagery can be a useful tool. I don’t think it should be used exclusively. I recalled recently a statement made by someone who uses imagery as a single-minded focus explain why we cannot carry on a conscious, rational dialogue with the person. He said that we must sidestep the rational mind because it can trip us up. – I thought to myself: Do you mean to say the imagination does not trip us up?

The real problem is that people don’t trust thinking anymore. Supposedly rational people have wreaked too much havoc on the world and have been the worst perpetrators of evil.

So what are we supposed to do? We can integrate rational thinking with imagination. With a little imagination we can see the same situation from a variety of perspectives. We can imagine how another person feels. We can imagine how we would see a decision facing us now from the perspective of how we’ll think about it at the end of our life.

The rational mind is a gift that grants us insight and evaluation. The intellect is only problematic when it tries to rationalize a bad decision or remain stuck in a distorted perspective. But that’s not the optimal way to use one’s mind. To the contrary, it’s proof that the person is not using his evaluative powers but is being swayed by a rigidly held emotional bias, that he is calling rational.

Unfortunately this includes most of the world that has straight-jacketed itself into political correctness and is not interested in hearing the truth about reality.

Let us instead help people use their imagination and creativity to think for themselves.

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