Creating Meaning out of the Littlest Things

If you go to the supermarket in my community you will frequently find men talking on their cellphones to their wives about something they’re supposed to buy. It’s an extra item or more of this or that. Every Purim holiday the English speakers make a spoof and one year this phenomenon was something they made fun of.

One day recently at the supermarket I saw a husband and wife shopping together. This is something you usually won’t find. Wanting to be friendly, I commented “I see you’re shopping together. This way you don’t need to call about what to buy, huh?”

This was at the checkout. They smiled and I left the store.

Half a minute later they also left and he said to me “Yes, none of that ‘We need an extra piece of chicken’ kind of thing…”

Before he had said that, I felt okay about the interchange but it was nothing special. After his response I felt there was some kind of circuit that was completed. He related to me in a way that made me feel seen, acknowledged and affirmed.

Seeing, acknowledging and affirming is how we create meaning in small ways all the time. If we’re thinking in terms of the value of connecting positively with others and we’re looking for opportunities to do so, then these kinds of things will happen more often.

These experiences accumulate and this blesses our lives. Meaning is created out of the littlest things.

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