Finding the light within

Logotherapy workshop

An oasis in time

Where the felt experience of two days is two weeks

Two questions opened the morning:

1. What would you be doing if you were not here right now?

2. What is your connection to logotherapy?

“If I was not here right now I would be writing my logotherapy blog…” and now I am writing about the workshop where I was asked the question.

In this workshop were learned about using guided imagery to touch directly on the spiritual unconscious.

One small piece I took out of this workshop which, as usual was the culmination of many people’s integrative input and in this case specifically Dida Kimor’s insight:

Opening up a space inside is deeper than introspection and doesn’t contradict finding meaning “out there” that life is bringing us to. It’s uncovering a light within us that is beneath the darkness. We are not “trying hard” to get meaning but rather engaged in a “receptivity to” meaning. We are opening up to what God wants us to find in meeting Him in the world.

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