Alex Vesely Interview

I had the great pleasure of listening to Alex Vesely on talk sense radio yesterday.

I recommend that you listen to the broadcast yourself but here are a few of the snippets that were meaningful to me.

“A film director is a director of emotions.”

“When you have passion for what you do, you do it just because you love to do it. The very act of creating is rewarding.”

He spoke about the relationship between film and psychotherapy. He said that in both these genres you’re working with experiences. There is a movement to use film in the psychotherapeutic context. Sometimes the movie character is struggling with a similar fate. The client can see ways of dealing with it that can be explored.

Film works on so many levels at the same time. It’s an experiential value. The story is only one part of the experience. A movie has music in it and it provides a whole range of sensory experience. He gave the example of Star Wars, where a movie can make the illusion of movement and this becomes a physical experience.

He ended the interview with a some concrete applications of the therapeutic process a film provides, by asking questions to process it.

One of the best questions you can ask as a therapist is: “What is your favorite movie and why?” Everybody makes their own movies. They project their own feelings onto it. They’re seeing their own movie.

That experience is on the one hand a shared experience but also everybody takes their own value in seeing that film. It can be a cathartic experience. You can let go of the control of your emotions and cry, and it’s okay.

Other people watch the movie to learn something. How would I react in that situation? Would I do the same thing the main character is doing? With whom in the movie do I identify?

Who is the character you could best identify yourself with?

What character traits of this character are parallel with yours?

You can get into different roles and experience the story from their perspective. Some identify with the main character, sometimes a side character.

Can you identify a character that you don’tlike?

If you dislike a character usually this is something you dislike about your own character. It’s easier to talk about yourself this way because it’s a fictional character and you don’t have your defenses up about it.

And now, a treat. My daughter Bracha’s film Yekutiel’s room that was in the children’s film festival. She didn’t win the grand prize but in my eyes she’s a real winner. I’ll give you a chance to see and and then I’ll share my thoughts later, so that I don’t give the ending away.

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  1. Thank you for these comments.

    Alexander Vesely, Filmmaker, is the Director of the new documentary, Viktor & I, An Alexander Vesely Film and co-owner of a new USA Film Company, Noetic Films, Inc. based in Southern California. Noetic Films, Inc.; 28202 Cabot Road, Suite 300, Laguna Niguel, California 92677
    T: 949-365-5626; For more information, contact: Mary Cimiluca, CEO; Mary@NoeticFilms.Net.

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