Meaning in Film

I like the idea of finding meaning in film. It’s a powerful media and it can engender fruitful discussion in logoeducation.

I went to the showing of the Jerusalem International Film Festival for Children and Youth last night. All of the films had some kind of meaning to them.

The first was about a wolf who dressed up like a shepherd and didn’t get away with it because it was discovered that he was really a wolf. I felt there was too blatant a “moral to the story.” The second was my daughter’s film about two brothers. One is cooking up strange and mysterious potions in his room and since he has been involved in this he has become aloof and never talks to his little brother any more. The younger brother is determined to find out what is going on there. I will only share the end and the meaning later, by posting the film. The third is about a boy who uses his imagination to make things real. At a coffeehouse he sees an organ player and as he looks into his eye we see a movie reel keeping him going, by pedaling on a bicycle. The coffee shop waitress tells him to go away and this makes his “reel” go blank but when she too looks into his eyes he comes to life again. The fourth was about a little boy who goes into the forest with an egg and protects it so that it will hatch. It finally breaks (and nothing hatches, since it is a store-bought egg) and he sadly goes home. The last is about a family of seven children, each of whom likes to eat a different kind of food. They each put their favorite item into the mix and come out with a birthday cake for their mother.

It was interesting that when the moderator asked for questions from the audience one child raised his hand and said “Why are all of the films sad, and why don’t they have girls in them?”

I think that this question reflects on a confusion between “sad” and “serious.” In fact, they did have a happy ending but there was some kind of conflict or tension that preceded the ending, much like life. The second question is something people keep their eye on nowadays and is not surprising. I think that at the same time we have to be careful of reverse discrimination. The student who made the film about the boy with the egg answered by saying, yes, if I was doing it again I would have it a girl go out to the woods with her egg. And I thought to myself. This is not something a girl would do…

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2 Responses to Meaning in Film

  1. On our international internet Radio show: Talk Sense_____The Meaning Connection last Friday, Alexander Vesely, Director of Viktor & I, a new documentary about his grandfather, talked for the full hour about filmmaking and it’s implications in therapy. The podcasts from each week are available for FREE download on our show site:

    Tomorrow’s podcast features Dr. Alexander Pattakos author of “Prisoners of our Thoughts”..tune in if you can or get the podcast.

  2. logogroup says:

    Thanks so much. I’ve been wanting to listen in and the timing didn’t work out for me. I was wondering how I could listen to it afterwards. So I much appreciate your post. You’re doing wonderful work!

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