Ten Tools of Socratic Dialogue

1) Be there in a face-to-face spiritual encounter

2) Recognize the uniqueness, unique life situation & unique call made on this singular individual’s life.

3) Examine reflectively what is being said to bring to person’s awareness. – Hold up the person’s words before his/her conscience as judge and jury of his/her own statement to determine:

Values (what I value is actually “me”)
Choice in attitude towards inner and outer phenomena
Responsibility and accountability
Area of acceptance

4) Affirm strengths, resources, expressions of meaning

5) Evoke latent will to meaning by listening for “logohints” or meaning cues:

A key word/sign of life
A value that enlivens/shines through the word
Put the value into context of present life situation

6) Spell out the significance of this meaning & of what s/he is doing or realizing

7) Identify the meaning crisis – what the person is struggling with, lost meaning

8) Invite client to open up to other meaning/value possibilities in his/her reality through empathy, bringing ideas, considering consequences

9) Challenge fears, doubts and lies about life being meaningless and dereflect to what the person is most longing for

10) Strengthen resilience

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