Logotherapy Workshop

A workshop of Viktor Frankl’s Meaning-Centered logotherapy

In this workshop you will get:

Tools for self-healing and therapeutic interventions

by: Dr Teria Shantall with assistance of Batya Yaniger and training staff

August 23 Tuesday 17:00 – 20:00

Israel Center, Keren Hayesod 22, Jerusalem

Dr. Shantall will present a short introduction on the principles and orientation of logotherapy, followed by a live demonstration using a “team therapy” approach.

The staff will then lead an interactive discussion highlighting tools used in the therapy demonstration and how they work:

• Language of hope and realistic optimism

• Attending to what the client values

• Finding one’s particular “way” in life

• Exercising the muscles of choice and awareness

• Strengthening resilience

(Training courses are Viktor Frankl Institute certified)

Testimonials from our “team therapy” counseling:

“I found it very helpful to discuss my issues in a very supportive and knowledgeable environment.” – C. T.

“Each therapist’s questions and insights helped to sharpen my own self-reflection and illuminate my challenges, which usually rest in an emotional blind-spot; it was a very powerful self-witnessing and self-confrontation in a loving, constructive healing environment” – I. J.

“I was very nervous at the idea of facing 10 therapists/strangers at once. For someone with social anxiety, it was a frightening prospect. But everyone was very welcoming, and encouraged me to tell my own story in my own time. Their openness and acceptance helped me relax and made it a very positive experience.” – anonymous

“It was very helpful for me in getting quickly to some deep meanings of my life’s difficulties from the different perspectives of the therapists.” M. B.

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