Logotherapy is in the air

I was at a conference today in Jerusalem that over 700 people attended. It was titled “To touch the pain.” The first speaker opened by saying that their goal is to create Jewish psychology – not in the sense of a new stream of psychology but in the sense of inserting faith into the psychology that already exists.

I will share with you what they said because even though it was not called a logotherapy conference it was hard to believe it wasn’t one. They were speaking the language of logotherapy, with one small omission: They didn’t breathe a word of the actual word “logotherapy” or “Viktor Frankl.”

What is the meaning of this? There is something in the air. There must be something we can do with this readiness. There must be a way to get logotherapy out there.

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4 Responses to Logotherapy is in the air

  1. Susan Holmen says:

    It is certainly in the air around me! I have been “living in” Frankl’s thoughts and words for the last few months, since finally reading Man’s Search for Meaning, and as I am trying to articulate my own conceptualization of how to move through transformation to integrity, not bitterness. The time must be right for the linking of great ideas to human growth.

  2. logogroup says:

    I’d like to hear what you come to articulate, Susan. I really would.

  3. logogroup says:

    I looked at your website. Nice. I like your four r’s. Your attitude about life being for learning I’m sure made a difference to why your personal experience has enriched your ability to help others.

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