Your point of truth

Today I only want to post a text and I welcome your comments on it. The text is a commentary on the Biblical passage about Abraham being told “Go to you to the land that I will show you…”

“Go to you” means go to your self, which is the essential truth of you that is planted within you. This is the “I” that a person refers to when speaking of himself and the same connotation of “you” or “to you” when speaking directly to another person.

Wherever you go, whether the journey is physical or spiritual, go only to yourself, that is to the essential point of truth that has been planted within you. Do not pay any attention to diversions…

Other people are the greatest barrier to this journey, more so than a person’s own self-sabotage. It goes without saying that corrupt people and fools prevent a person from his truth but even God-fearing people can sometimes confuse a person with their advice that is not good for his way

One who desires truth has to take care to pull himself always towards his essential point of truth and what he truly needs, that comprises his “go to you.” Go particularly to yourself, to the essential point of truth that belongs to you

Therefore this requires prayer and much conversing and speaking one’s own speech in truth…

We know for an absolute fact that a person has strength for life’s tests, because God does not send a person any test that he does not have the strength to withstand, since God is not interested in tripping people up. (Likutei Halachot of Rabbi Natan of Nemirov, hilchot g’neiva par. 5 p. 207)

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