A matter of relationship

The following should be attached to the beginning of the post What Makes Logotherapy Different?

The subject of logotherapy is meaning and the purpose of logotherapy is to discover meaning, because when there is meaning in life there is a reason to live.

What causes us to experience meaning and how do we find it? What is the mechanism of losing and finding meaning?

It all revolves around the axis of our relationship to life. Frankl wanted to title his first book “Say yes to life!” What does this statement say? You are a part. You belong. What happens in your life is not happenstance. It’s not arbitrary. If you are here in this situation, then apparently you needed to be here and there is an opportunity here to find a truly important purpose.

If this is your attitude you will always relate to life and your self and other people in a way that is positive and building. Embedded and concealed there are chains of connection in the form of giving or receiving or the stand you take towards what is happening.

When a person senses that his life is not important or what he does has no purpose he says to himself: “What does anyone care what I do??! I will take whatever I can take from the world without consideration of anyone. I am alone here. In Frankl’s words he is in the existential vacuum. On the other hand he can fall into depression and not want to get up in the morning or be swept into violence. In all of these situations he is detached. All the world revolves around him and he is in the center. He relates to the world as something to exploit and that needs to give him whatever he wants.

But he has no true satisfaction from this kind of life. Satisfaction comes from relating to something or someone outside your self – by serving a higher cause or in being at peace with what is.

Thus he receives every person and every event with a loving embrace and asks not “Why?” but “For what purpose? What can I do with the tools in my possession?”

In order to change the person’s orientation to one of this kind of relationship logotherapy places meaning in the center…

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