Goings and comings

It’s the moment of truth. In this last message before I go I am left wondering: Will my readers wait for me and be here when I return? It’s a strange world this, the internet. I don’t know who’s there. I don’t know when they leave or when they come back. Hmmm… What is the meaning of this? I won’t make too much of it. One thing I can say is that after writing about finding the meaning in a text I recalled the book The Neverending Story by Michael Ende. As Bastion is reading the book it slowly dawns on him that the book is talking about him and even speaking to him. This is the sense I was trying to convey. We can ask a book questions because we want to meet it on its own terms and know its meaning without bias. But then we have to realize the book is also asking us questions. It is addressing us.

Questions on the book flow from ambiguity. How can we hear questions the book or text is addressing to us? I will be thinking about that. And you can too.

I will bring back plenty of treats – stories of logotherapy presenters and interesting people from around the world.

Until then, find meaning in other blogs, in other people, in a budding flower, in the smile of a child, in each and every moment of life. Live it to the fullest!

Signing off…

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