It’s good to learn

As soon as the words left my mouth I realized my mistake. In conversation with someone today I said “It’s all for the best. Everything is always for the best.” She didn’t like that one bit. “I don’t believe that” she said. And I realized I don’t believe it either. We’re not supposed to believe what’s bad is good.

So I did a “take 2” and said “You’re right about that. What I should say is you learn from everything and it’s always good to learn.”

She agreed with that.

This is really what we do when we find meaning in suffering. If you’re in pain, this reality is asking something of you. It’s challenging you, inviting you to discover how you can make something meaningful from it. Not always simple to do but true.

There are those who remain perennial victims, who berate themselves the rest of their lives for a mistake once made long after whatever could be done to correct it was done, who refuse to forgive even when forgiveness is asked of them and who live hard, bitter lives, angry at the world.

And there are those who learn from their pain, learn from their mistakes and learn from their experiences with people. I want to be one of those people who learn.

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