Why the world needs logotherapy

If I was conscious, every minute of every day, that every moment of my life has unconditional meaning…

I would have the same zest for life as my two year old grandson, running with abandon towards the music eager to join the dancers

I would only see life as a wondrous adventure

I would eagerly welcome the coming day with open anticipation of what this new moment will bring.

I would embrace life with loving gratitude no matter what it brings me.

I would view my mistakes as a sign that I am alive and I would take pleasure in the process of learning from them. I would welcome the opportunity for greater self-awareness and for repairing myself.

I would learn from every person.

Nothing anyone would say to me either in the form of criticism or compliments could touch my awareness of my unconditional worth, which does not depend on anything anyone does or says or thinks of me, good or bad.

I would know that I am unconditionally loved by the One who created me

I would always take responsibility for the good I can create in the world and for the harm that I need to avoid. I would take responsibility in my obligations towards God, others and myself.

I would go outside, be intoxicated by the fresh air and want to hug the whole world

Do you have any ideas of your own about how awareness of the unconditional meaning of your life would impact you? Please comment and share…

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