Seeing deeply takes thinking deeply

I was listening to my daughter going over her history homework yesterday. She reviewed the period of 1933-1938 in Germany and said that there were three groups of Jews. The Reform thought they should stay in Germany because they felt they just need to prove how productive they are to society. The very religious thought they should stay, taking the attitude that the horrible edicts will blow over and life will get back to normal. Only a small handful of Jews, the Zionists, saw reality for what it was and said there is no future for us here in Germany. We have to leave… now!

With these thoughts in mind, the festivities of Jerusalem Day began at Beit Orot and the speaker noted the change in Israeli society over the years. – It seems to be only the Zionist religious community that cares about and celebrates the unification of Jerusalem, he said, when it should be a celebration for the whole country.

I wondered why it always seems to be such a small minority that sees the deeper meaning of reality. I’m not saying this out of arrogance, as if to say “my group” holds “the” truth, although I do feel I’m seeing the deeper meaning of reality when I choose to celebrate the day Israel fought and was miraculously victorious in a defensive war in which it was attacked by all of the incomparably huge countries surrounding it and as a result it gained defensible borders.

These two background thoughts, WWII and the Six Day War, strengthened the question for me. Whatever the subject may be, why do only a minority of people see reality?

My son had a very good, simple answer. Something deep by definition requires greater depth to see it.

Yesterday I was satisfied with that answer. It made a lot of sense to me. It meant that in a way it has to be that way, that the deeper reality won’t be easily seen.

Yet today it still bugs me. Why can’t the world be a little deeper than it is? Why do most people go along with the crowd, with what’s politically correct, not bother with the facts and fail to think for themselves? Yet here and there one can find glimmers of people who are thinking. I guess I have to celebrate that…

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