Our logotherapy team

Our logotherapy end-of-course workshop was wonderful.

We asked them to consider the following quote and questions on the quote:

“Man cannot really exist without a fixed point in the future. Under normal conditions his entire present is shaped around that future point, directed toward it like iron filings toward the pole of a magnet.”

* Do you experience such a “pull” in your life? What particularly draws (interests and inspires) you?
* What cues towards such a future goal or calling that you are meant to realize, are you aware of, right now?
* What experiences in your past have somehow prepared you for this mission in life?
* Has other members of the group been given glimpses of the direction your life is meant to take?
* How can we assist each other, in this moment of time, to help remove the obstacles in our way and to clear the path ahead of us?
* How do our destinies overlap in terms of the future of Logotherapy in Israel?

Doing this exercise brought home for me in a very strong way what is the magnetic pull of my life. It was also inspiring to hear the pull of each course participant, his or her strengths and their key to overcoming obstacles.

I also realized that what I have always dreamed of – to be part of a team of spiritual growth that is reaching out to others outside the group together – has materialized. This was quite amazing and exciting to me.

These were their answers:

Revealing the glory of God’s kingdom through His creation, countering the entropy of a world isolated from God to a world that is in resonance, in touch, alive and moving toward growth and integration.

Service to God by giving or “receiving in order to give.” Towards that end writing about synchronicity, working, teaching and writing as a logotherapist and developing my website. In addition to the pull these is a push away from emptiness, confusion, pleasure-seeking of past and openness and aliveness in the present together with moving in the future direction.

Being part of God’s dream, to choose life even in the suffering/vacated space and filling the space because it awakens deeper listening and trust; affirmation of humanity

Radical uniqueness and positive societal change, wanting to take my genuineness and authenticity to make positive change, transform the righteous rage by empowering others

Being there for people, explore the process of my experience of life in a way that turns weaknesses into strengths

Focus on family and community; to be a strong subject (self) and to go where I am needed

Spiritual connections in relationships; Growing through the cracks in the cement knowing there’s a tremendous root system under the surface

Making thoughts accessible, new way of understanding self as a complexity of good and bad

Wanting to enable people to find happiness in life, carrying a strong abiding faith

Here was mine: Transforming head knowledge into heart knowledge and creating a team that can serve as a spiritual growth community.

When I thought back to the past I realized how many signs there were of this. I went to public school yet grew up in a religious Jewish family and something in me was always seeking to make a connection between what I was doing as a practicing Jew and the meaning of it all. Later when I went on to study further many things bothered me about the way I was learning. The frontal approach in school and the purely intellectual method of Jewish studies brought me to take a stand and brought out my conviction that the best learning is learning from one another and the text is only meaningful when I become part of it and hear the personal message it holds for me. A spiritual growth community is another thing I have always been seeking and have created in one way or another over the years through study groups and growth groups.

This made me realize the importance more than ever of learning from my father’s rare quality of efficient action with simultaneous inner calm. For efficiency I will need to not waste time, be attentive to detail, be focused, stick to my structure, do proper planning and preparation and do ongoing assessment and prioritizing.

For calm I will need to be fully present, not rushed but feel, in any one activity I am engaged in, as if I have all the time in the world, enjoy what I am doing and be perfectly relaxed. Most of all I need to take time off for those special activities I particularly enjoy, such as nature hiking horseback riding.

We are a team now and we are in partnership with God. We have to believe in our God-given strengths. We have to help each other overcome our obstacles and help each other to shine. We must know that we are here to serve.

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