How thoughts are pieced together

I sometimes feel caught in a bind. I always have thoughts I feel are worth sharing. On the other hand they are not well-formed enough to make sense. Even half a thought has to be a complete half thought.

I have had the most frustrating experiences expressing myself verbally at those times when something was stirring inside of me so strongly that I wanted to get it out. My unrealistic expectation was that the listener will help me to formulate it, to clarify what it is exactly that I’m trying to say. Most people are not interested in doing this. Those friends who are interested, are the most precious to me.

The reason why this is frustrating to me is because this is how I learn best. If I am struggling to put an idea into words then the other person’s reflection, even if it is a reflection in response to an unfinished thought flitting across my consciousness, can evoke just the clarity that I needed.

All of this is in explanation of why I have not written today. I could not yet put my thoughts into words. But I guess I have written after all. I’ve written about my thinking process and the open-ness or closed-ness to the process that meets me.

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