What do you look for a workshop to give you?

We are preparing workshops in logotherapy to give people a taste of what the course would be like. In order to do that we are going back to the drawing board to do some self-searching to ask ourselves: What would have gotten me interested in taking a course in logotherapy? What would have gotten me in the door?

One way to answer this is to look back and say that what did get me in the door way back then when I was searching. It was the line in a book “We are pushed by our drives but we are pulled by our values.” This resonated for me and I took the course based on that.

Now looking back I want to say more based on what I know now. What would have enticed me at that time, that would have hinted to me that there was something here that could take me where I want to go, that held wonderful possibilities for optimal living, even though it’s still a bit blurry but I can see enough to know I want to pursue it?

With this in mind I would add: I know full well that my state of mind follows me around wherever I go and influences my experience of life in every way. How can I let go of the anxieties, stresses and doubts that confine me? How can I think positively without succumbing to positive thinking, where I’m trying to convince myself and pretend that everything is really just fine when I don’t believe that it is?

Is there a way to see reality as it is and feel the pain and frustration of my various challenges and still feel good about life? If I could only find my way in this confusing, crazy world, if I could only trust in God’s plans for me, if I could only trust in myself and the purpose of my life, in a genuine and not a hokey way, that would be truly transformational!

This is one thought that needs to be translated into content for a two hour workshop.

Is there anything that you are looking for? Why don’t you share it with us? Why don’t you challenge us to translate your seeking into a two hour workshop that would entice you to join a course in logotherapy? You may not even be in the same country to be able to take the course. Never mind. My question is purely theoretical. It is questions I am looking for right now, not participants.

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2 Responses to What do you look for a workshop to give you?

  1. I am currently studying Logotherapy in South Africa. The one main question that drew me to this was “What is my meaning in life and can I somehow link it to the work that I do?”
    Not sure if this helps at all….

  2. logogroup says:

    Thanks. This is a good start. Maybe I can get more ideas by questioning you a bit more. What made it seem, from whatever brief introductory taste you had before you signed up for the course, that this would be the address to find that meaning? Can you put your finger on what you saw there (if there was some kind of introductory meeting) or what someone said to you that made you sense that of all the courses in the world this one would put you on track?

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