Life unfolds.

I was in town. I had my plans. Go to work, pick up my husband, pick up my son, go home. Instead there was no work today, my husband wasn’t ready for quite awhile and there I was with my son and grandson, waiting for my husband. I could be writing this to give the message that things happen that are out of our control and our plans change. I want to say something slightly different. I had the sense that things open up and become revealed before our eyes, things that were there but that we didn’t see before. Our viewpoint was firmly focused only on our PLANS.

First we went to the supermarket and bought a few things, among them rice cakes to keep my grandson busy with. He walked around the parking lot for awhile and then I got an idea. Hey! I can stop over and El Halev, the martial arts center for women in Jerusalem, and say hi to my friend Yudit. That was fun. I hadn’t seen her in awhile. I told her how much I enjoyed hearing the interview with her on Aruz 7. Just the way she fielded their questions she was teaching about martial arts better than any words could have said: staying firmly in place when the interviewer tried to veer her off in different directions, yet remaining warm and engaging along with her confidence and balance.

My grandson was still in an exploring mood and Yudit took us down the hall to where she opened a door to…a magical room with all kinds of little cars and soft climbing things and balls that my grandson could play on to his heart’s delight. It was as if it appeared out of nowhere. I only had to allow my mind to wander, to be curious, to think: Hm, where am I? I wonder what’s hidden just around the corner?

Then I looked up and…a friend appeared whom I hadn’t been in touch with for ages and had been on my mind. We had a lovely conversation about theater, the kind of theater that brings people in touch with what they’re feeling. It stimulates my itch for this kind of thing.

My son sits down and plays the piano. I have fun as my grandson crawls and laughs his way through a flexible tube-like thing and I greet him at the other end.

Then my husband was ready and we said goodbye to my friend and goodbye to the magical room.

This is kind of a metaphor for life. Are you ready for life to unfold for you?

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