Nothing to do for a change

Today I have nothing to do. It’s interesting what my reaction is to this state of affairs. I get a bit anxious and think, “I’m not doing anything for anyone. My life has no meaning. To just sit here all by myself, and I’m not having any kind of impact on the world? Can’t I start a movement or something?” I can’t allow myself to just relax and enjoy my free time.

As I am thinking this a friend calls up and needs a favor. Can I go to the store and pick something up for her? Sure, you’ve just given me something worthwhile to do.

And then I will spend the rest of the day doing things that I enjoy and doing things that I don’t always get to, but doing them with no pressure at all, with no feeling of time constraint, which is how I should always be doing things anyway.

Like the glorious expanse and stillness of Soglio.

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