A link to the transcendent

Superego operates within the psyche. It makes demands. The person responds to its demands like an object.

Conscience evokes the human capacity to transcend the psychic level and it illuminates transcendent meaning.

Frankl posits that there is a religious sense deeply rooted in each and every man’s unconscious depths which allows the person to relate to what is beyond his own comprehension. In the book The Unconscious God he speaks of the individual having a latent, unconscious awareness and relationship to God whether he calls himself religious or not. Man’s unconscious relation to God is profoundly personal.

Through the conscience of the human person, a Trans-human agent is sounding through.

Conscience links us as a subject to the transcendent level within ourselves and within the world. It evokes our spiritual sensitivity to the meanings of situations, cluing us in to intuitively knowing what is right without the need for anyone to tell us what we should do.

This is not a demand someone else makes of us, where we have a vested interest in not getting a whipping.

It’s a demand we make of ourselves because the situation cries out for a response and we are in touch with something inside us that knows what we need, what another person needs and what is needed in the situation.

Conscience and superego are both voices but they stem from different sources, operate on different dimensions and lead the person in different directions. Superego keeps the person in line with societal demands. Conscience puts the person in touch with himself and the other (and also the Other).

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