One of my favorite kinds of exercise is dance and one of my favorite songs to dance to is Ahavat Yisrael by David Abramson/Harpo z”l. It’s a little sad for me now when I turn on the music, knowing he’s gone. (He died of a heart attack a couple months ago.). He is sorely missed. But his music lives on.

Dancing to this particular song is very meaningful to me, not just because the rhythm is so perfect for my energy but because for me dancing is a means of self-expression and the words “Love of Israel in the Soul” are words I feel an urge to express in my entire body and soul. It wasn’t just “talk” for Harpo. I didn’t know Harpo well but I met him in person a few times and I saw his awesome gentleness. He was so great!

Love of Israel means love of one’s brother, a fellow Jew who belongs to your family. When there is love in the small family unit it spills over outside the family. So too when there is love in the larger family of the Jewish people it spills over to the whole world.

Listen to this youtube video, not just for the music. Read the words. This is the longing I feel in my heart.

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