Spiritual foundations of logotherapeutic skills: Spirit

The most important skill any therapist can have is spiritual sensitivity. One of the most important, critical aspects of spiritual sensitivity is the belief that the person you are about to see is a precious, unique, singular human being. There has never been anyone like this person before in all of history and there never will be again. The uniqueness of this individual is already inspiring. But a crafts person can make a unique work of art and it still won’t come close to the preciousness of a human life.

A human being is a spark of the divine! Think about it!

If this assertion of uniqueness and spiritual essence in a human being is a belief, how can it be a skill? We can learn to see the spiritual essence, to look with spiritual eyes.

The spiritual plane cannot be seen with physical eyes but it can be felt by the spirit. The unconditional positive regard that Carl Rogers speaks of and the essential love that Viktor Frankl speaks of come from their keen sense of the realness of the spiritual essence.

This sensitivity can be cultivated and developed.

This is the spiritual sensitivity that rabbi Shlomo Carlebach had when he saw a man at one of his concerts whose features were gruesomely distorted (on the physical plane). Reb Shlomo came up to him, gave him a big hug and said “You are so beautiful!” This is the spiritual sensitivity that rabbi Aryeh Levin had when he visited prisoners and they felt that his presence in the room lifted them to unknown heights.

The good in learning from spiritually developed people is knowing it is possible to attain this. The challenge in it is seeing the gap between where we are and what we could be.

But all of life is about practice, not becoming “expert” and it is not hard to practice this. It’s a matter of deciding to focus on the spirit in people, to see the reality of the spirit, to sense it, to connect to it with one’s own spirit.

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