Free to be

(Twelfth and last in a series summarizing the book Halachic Man)

What does it mean to be free?

Someone who is free:

a) Is free from something

b) Is free towards something

Freedom for Frankl entails both freedom “from” and freedom “to.” We are never free from conditions. We’re free to choose our attitude and what we can do with those conditions. From the perspective of halacha human beings have choice and responsibility, and they also have a personal relationship with God. Frankl also assumes the presence of a human-divine relationship and says that this makes the religious person conscious of to whom he is responsible. In Judaism the relationship influences even the nature of the freedom.

The process and development of expanding and being responsive to divine providence points the person in the direction of values (the ultimate value) and releases him from subservience to rules and dictates of the “species,” thus freeing him to create for himself an individual identity.

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