In God we trust – only IF we believe

We’re looked at three aspects of belief in God – a) Nothing I accomplish is by my own power, b) what I do matters and c) God expects me to think

How do these three aspects of belief in God lead to putting our trust in God?

Belief shakes the foundation of false security.

a) If, out of a belief that God empowers everything I do, I don’t attribute my accomplishments to my own power then I will trust in God to empower me.
b) If I believe that there’s a consequence to everything I do, I will trust that my doing the right thing matters to God and I’ll take myself seriously.
c) If I believe that God expects me to think, I will expect myself to think

It’s easy to be hard on yourself. When you succeed you think you’re a hot-shot and when you fail you’re devastated. After all, it’s all up to me…

It’s easy to think little of yourself and say: ‘Who cares what I do?’

It’s easy to take on a victim mentality and hide behind: ‘I couldn’t help myself’ when you don’t expect any better of yourself.

• Instead we’re called upon to believe in ourselves, to believe that nobody can do anything alone – It’s not our power but God’s power coursing through our veins. If we succeed we’re called upon to show our gratitude and if we fail, to find our resources and ask for assistance

• We’re called upon to take responsibility and do what’s required of us in every life situation.

• We’re called upon to use careful forethought that takes possible weaknesses into account even before setting out to a task.

We’re not supposed to be hard on ourselves. We’re supposed to expect more of ourselves.

Belief in God shakes self-deception and leads to a true self-perception that incorporates trust in God.


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