Truth of consequences

(It’s recommended to re-read yesterday’s post, since it was revised and very relevant to today’s post)

The second aspect of belief was the mantra with which I set out for today’s jog:

I believe that God cares whether or not I do the right thing and there is a consequence to everything I do. What I do matters.

If I exist, that means I am precious in God’s eyes and if my life is precious, then it’s the right thing to do to take care of myself and exercise. One of the types of exercise I enjoy is jogging. It’s not my favorite kind of exercise but it’s the most accessible.

What I do matters…

I passed by someone I know who pointed to my ears. What does she think – that I’m not aware of the fact that I’m wearing earmuffs?! Without them I would get an ear ache from the wind, even in warm weather. Then I passed someone else who was smiling and waving to me. That was nice! I think to myself, here one person made me feel irritated and one person made me feel warm inside. I have to remember with every person I meet to always think: How can I make this person feel good?

What I do matters…

Today I have to tutor. When I’m prepared for tutoring there’s definitely a consequence. The ideal is to always be prepared but if not then at least to say “I don’t know” rather than mislead them

What I do matters…

Someone in our Alei Shur group felt that as people who are committed to Torah law, it’s easy to be conscious that there’s a consequence to my actions but that it’s harder to believe that it’s not by my power that I accomplish and that God wants to help me do what I need to do. I agree that it’s not easy to believe the first aspect but I feel my belief of the second aspect can use a lot of work too.

What I do matters…

In our logotherapy course, the continuation of Teria’s depiction of a certain kind of consciousness very well described the awareness of this second aspect of belief: I live a highly accountable life before someone other than myself. Even an unbeliever has a sense of what is right and what is wrong. What is right is life-giving. What you don’t want done to you – don’t do to others. They are held accountable because they know what is right. Conscience is listening to the voice of the divine, the choices God calls upon you to make at every moment…

What I do matters…


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