One of the defense mechanisms we employ to escape the anxiety of uncertainty is reliance on all of the world’s structures. The medical establishment has advanced procedures, drugs, good doctors and hospitals. We buy all kinds of insurance. There is government, a welfare system, an army and so forth.

There’s one problem: We have a false sense of security. There really is no assurance of anything. There really are no guarantees. We really do need to uproot the reliance and complacency that come from our neurotic anxiety and only then can we put our trust in God.

It is easy to get confused and think that this means we should not buy insurance, we should not go to doctors and so forth. It absolutely does not mean that. Getting rid of the tendency to rely on all of the natural structures in life requires that we know the truth. – The immediate, apparent cause of healing or security or whatever is not the physical cause that we see with our physical eyes. The apparent cause is only the concrete finishing touch so-to-speak. The primary cause of all that happens in the world is God. The world’s Creator is also its Director.

How can we cultivate trust in God? According to Alei Shur, the royal road to trust in God is belief in God – which means believing that God pays attention to everything that goes on and that God runs the world with lovingkindness and justice.

We need to step away from our limiting perspective of seeing a material world with material eyes. We need to lift our gaze to see beyond appearances and try to see the world from a position of closeness to God, as if we are standing right next to God and seeing the world from God’s perspective.

This belief is divided into three parts. Next time I will write about my random thoughts about the first part of this belief that came to me while jogging.


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