Mountains and lakes

Today I want to share something meaningful about each place we went in the remaining days of our vacation. At Guarda (and we saw this in other places too) I was intrigued by the look of buildings closely set together, with massive mountains peeking out between the cracks in the distant background.

Maybe it has something to do with the contrast of something closed-in opening up a space to a great expansiveness. In life we can look out and see the horizon with its wide spectrum of possibilities beyond our limited vision.

We saw the castle at Tarasp. I don’t know why I like castles. Maybe it’s like a story book coming to life. Anyway, there’s no need to explain.

At Brunni we went to the Harzlisee, which you can see down below. It’s a little lake where you can get a foot massage by walking around it. As you make the circuit you walk on different types of materials. My favorite was the mud. Ooohhh! Squishy and deep. Now I understand why little kids like to play in it.

At Titlis, halfway up the mountain we went row boating at Trubsee. I love row boating! We had all the time in the world. No one told us we had to get back. We took the boat out ourselves and docked it ourselves. Basking in the sun. Sheer pleasure!

Halfway up Titlis was warm. At the top we needed our winter coats. There was something cool about seeing the birds up there. Somehow it didn’t feel the same as seeing birds at ground level. From the way they were flying there I had a sense we were in their territory. We also went inside a glacier there, with walls of ice surrounding us. Pretty neat!

During the descent from Trubsee we started out above the clouds and I wanted to catch just exactly the moment when we were level with the clouds and descending into it. This picture sort of captures it.

Lake Lucerne was very pretty. I liked the architecture around the lake. The last day I wanted to see the Jungfrau. We never made it there but we saw the Trummelbach falls. The rush of the power of the water was wondrous. The pictures can’t capture it. You have to see a video (or go there!)

The last picture shows a private stack of logs that we saw over and over again that people must use for heat in the winter. So much water! Such magnificent mountains! So much wood!

There was so much to take in. I felt like I would have wanted to stretch this out over time instead of every day having to get up early to catch the train to take another hike. But it was good. Getting away, not needing to do anything but soak in the beauty of God’s world. It was absolutely invigorating. Nature has a healing effect. I came back from this vacation feeling like a different person. I could relax in my mind, with the million things I have to do, just going with the flow of life, enjoying myself, being there fully.


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