Muattis Muragl

Day six: We were pretty tired of long train rides by now and ready to do something close to “home” (Celerina, that is). First we went up Muattas Muragl in a cable car. Every time I thought I had seen the most spectacular view possible there was another more spectacular one. What was special about this mountain was the clouds. But it wasn’t like the view from an airplane window. We were standing with our feet solidly on the ground, mountain peaks in the distance, looking down at a blanket of clouds spreading out beneath our feet. With inspired awe I recited the blessing: “Blessed are you, God, our Lord, king of the universe who performs the acts of creation.”

There were two paths – a lower path and a higher path. By mistake we took the higher path. In fact, we took the very high path, and we weren’t even sure it would meet up with the path that was supposed to take us to Alp Languard. It felt like being on top of the world.

We continued on this path for an hour and a half, went back to the beginning, had lunch and then took the lower path to Alp Languard. So what was supposed to have been a close to three hour hike ended up being for us a close to six hour hike!

If you look at the picture of the higher path you can see a mountain across the way with a thin line. That’s part of where we walked when we redoubled our steps and did the lower path. As you can see, it was pretty scary walking on the edge of a cliff for two hours. I was relieved when we got to a friendlier part of the trail that wasn’t so cliff-like, as you can see in the picture below. All I can say is: Awesome! Absolutely awesome!

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2 Responses to Muattis Muragl

  1. Shel says:

    I’m getting real vicarious pleasure from your travelogue!

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