Bernina express

Day four: We took the famous Bernina Express train to Tirano. The specially-made panoramic windows provide an expansive view of the scenery. The Alps were breathtaking.

I liked the reflection of the mountain on the water at Miralago lake. We suddenly realized that this parallel picture of mountain and lake was the meaning of the symbol of the Engadin region.

On the way back we took the regular train. One can hop off the train at any point, walk around and get back on the next train. We stopped at Corvaglia where it’s possible to see glacier hollows in the ground. I enjoyed the interesting rock formations, not just in the hollows but on the ground too as we were walking, exploring, anticipating what surprise us around the next bend. Since it was drizzling a bit, I slipped and fell on a large smooth rock cut myself above my eye and bent my glasses. But I didn’t care; I was having such a good time!

After the train we went to St Moritz. It has a very pretty town center, truly charming. The buildings are set in such interesting angles and each one has a different style of architecture.


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