Blogging blues

I’m not very motivated to blog these days. You’ve probably lost your motivation to read my blogs as much as I’ve lost my motivation to write. I know how it works. If I blog every day people will read. If people don’t read I don’t feel like blogging. A writer needs an audience, you know?

The glitches don’t help either. For example I try to post tags and I can’t or I want to italicize a word and it’s not available. I know what you’ll say. I can check out the troubleshooting posts. I’M NOT INTERESTED. I don’t have time for this kind of stuff.

Isn’t it enough to write for myself, to sit down every day and make an entry of the book I’m hoping to write one day? Well, yes…

So dear reader (readers, maybe?) I will write what comes to me. I don’t need to be particularly inspired. I don’t need to force it either. I will just write what’s on my mind, the rougher the draft the better. Finishing touches can come later. Maybe it’s even better this way. I don’t have to worry about how it looks.

Signing off,
Batya Yaniger

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2 Responses to Blogging blues

  1. Shel says:

    As a fellow blogger, I know what you are going through. I enjoy your posts whenever you get them up. Go easy on yourself and we’ll all be happy, I am sure.

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