Believe in yourself: What does it really mean?

How do we see our mistakes and failures? People who are good at getting up again view and use their mistakes simply as tuition paid for learning. Take note how to do it better next time and move on.

From that perspective to believe in yourself means to know that this mistake does not make you into a zero. Mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process. You’re still a capable person.

This conception, while true, can go deeper still.

What does it really mean to believe in yourself? If means that I believe in the particular manifestation of God in expressing this skill or this quality of compassion or courage or whatever human quality we’re talking about, in a way that can only be manifested by me. Another person will have a different shade of color, a distinct flavor, a different nuance or reflection in the prism of this quality in God’s world.

Even my mistakes, the way I correct them, the way I get up again, and the learning I get from them are all part of my unique learning process that cannot be replicated by anyone else. So is the value in this learning process only for myself, so that now I will no longer make the same mistake again or is there not also value in the special journey my life takes and the divine qualities that are manifested in God’s world along the way, that God chose to manifest through the particular spark of the divine within my soul?

Batya Yaniger

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  1. kia says:

    the best yeeees!!

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