You are a unique manifestation of God

It is said in Jewish texts that if things go right in a marriage the divine presence is between them.

Yesterday we meet for the first time with our students for the Diplomate (highest level) English speaking logotherapy training course in Israel. It occurred to me that in our group we create a space for the divine presence to be palpably felt in the room among the relationships. I also realized that the meaning of creating a space for this presence in a relationship has something to do with an acute awareness of God’s love for the person in front of me. Here is how Teria expressed it:

“Translating what you’ve been saying into logotherapy –

• I do believe we reach a point of utter trust which can say ‘thank you’ for everything, because you have complete faith that whatever you’ve been put through is for your good.

• You tune in to the meaning of the moment. It’s a continual never-ending learning experience of growing more and more aware. It’s through being able to discern what this particular situation is asking of you now. That’s what gives it flesh and makes it a real step of progress into the beyond which we can never exhaust, but becomes the inspirational thrust. It becomes so real that we can discern what every situation, good or bad is asking of us, a reality that requires a specific task, a specific response from us.

• It is in that way that Hashem (God) can express Himself through us. He’s beyond any sensory experience but He needs to manifest Himself.

• There’s something very powerful about it. It’s not just that we are humble vessels. Hashem wants much more. He really wants to express Himself fully in who we are.

• We’re not just saying ‘I can’t do anything without God’s help.’ Actually a complete reliance is something very confident. It’s something very powerful, and it pleases Hashem that He can express himself through us, through our uniqueness. God is saying, ‘I didn’t make a mistake in creating you. I want to reveal Myself fully through who you are.’ ”

Batya Yaniger

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