A Nefesh b’Nefesh flight came today.

Jews coming home

Jews helping fellow Jews come home

History unfolding before our eyes

One nation, under God, in its destined place

A beacon of light to the nations


“And they (all nations of the world) will bow to God in the holy mountain, in Jerusalem (the city of peace)”

Four years ago my daughter, along with the rest of her class researched her roots. At the year-end party, parents and children gathered for a film. Next to each girl’s name were photographs of her two sets of grandparents and the names of their countries of origin. As one set of pictures after another was displayed on the screen I was moved to tears. Here was the in-gathering of the exiles right before my eyes! To the best of my memory there were girls with grandparents from…

U.S., Tunisia, Egypt, Turkey, France, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Ukraine, Indonesia, Argentina, Ethiopia, Belgium, Britain, Lithuania, Russia, Greece, Iraq, Mexico, Poland, Yemen, Canada, Switzerland and probably more…

Two classes of 30 girls each, in one school…

A Nefesh b’Nefesh flight came today!!!

Batya Yaniger

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