What kind of process?

“It’s being in the process that counts.” My willingness to nod in agreement to this statement depends very much on what the person means by this. My response the last time I heard it was, “Yes, but you need some sense of where you’re going in life.” It doesn’t mean you have no idea what you believe in or what you’re aiming for.

You can be flexible along the way. You have to keep searching, keep being open to what life will bring you and what ideas come to you. You’re open to the possibility of changing your mind and of learning new things.

So what does “being in the process” mean to me? Process means never having to say I’ve “gotten there.” I’m always in a state of growth. If I’m moving that means I’m alive. What doesn’t move or change in any way is dead. It doesn’t matter how much I move. Just being in the process of growing has infinite value. I can’t beat myself up for not achieving what I wanted to or not accomplishing fast enough.

That doesn’t mean I should give up on myself. It does mean I need to remind myself to feel good knowing I’m in the process and to do what one needs to do in any process – get up and try again.

Batya Yaniger

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