Who are you to me?

One kind of consciousness you can have when you see a person is that you’re encountering a precious, unique spark of the Divine.

Another piece of consciousness is thinking about your basic relationship to the other person. One of the things Rav Amital used to say is that just as he faced the holocaust saying this is God’s decree and I have to accept it, with every person you meet you have to say that’s the decree of God that you should meet this person right now. God wants to introduce this person to you for some reason.

This is a way of saying “What are you to me?” How is this person related to me? As a decree of the One who created me…

Imagine thinking this way not just as a slogan but really and truly feeling it – that this person is a precious, one-of-a-kind spark of God and is someone God wants you to meet. How would that change things for you?

Batya Yaniger

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