Wrong number

I got an interesting call last night. A young girl at the other end of the phone haltingly asked for Batya. That is my name but it soon became clear this was a wrong number. She needed some kind of information having to do with arrangements for a speaker at a certain school. I said I could try to find the information but I don’t have any connection to that school. As hard as it had been for her to make the call to begin with, she expressed being embarrassed and sorry to have bothered me. She realized she had made a mistake and it was a different Batya that she was looking for. But I wasn’t ready to hang up just yet. I said, “It’s okay, don’t worry about it. You didn’t bother me at all. And now, you’ve had a chance to practice so it should be easier the next time when you make the real call.” She thanked me and laughed gratefully. This was a meaning moment for me because I know what it’s like to be a young person and be nervous about calling a school administrator or someone scary like that. I’ve been there-done that. What a pleasure to have the chance to put someone else at ease! Even a wrong number can be meaningful.

Batya Yaniger

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