Life is the curriculum

Yesterday I was told about a teacher in one of the toughest neighborhoods in America, rampant with gangs and violence who is slowly transforming the school into a peaceful environment. How is he doing that? Using religious Jewish principles he is teaching them how to be human beings. “This is why logotherapy is so essential to the field of education,” he added.

Why did this statement about logotherapy and his smooth slide from Judaism to logotherapy need no explanation for me? Why was I not surprised that this teacher is a religious Jew?

To answer, can I take you off topic on a tour of my mind for a minute? (I think that there should be another art form that is neither prose nor poetry, but the smelted product of associative thinking. Maybe we can call it “proetry.”) So here goes…

“The world is my classroom and life is the curriculum.” This slogan branded the T-shirts of a group of homeschoolers I once saw in the park years ago. If homeschoolers are seeking something missing from schools, maybe schools can consider incorporating those missing pieces, such as the one being filled by that teacher.

Both logotherapy and Judaism aim to teach people how to be better human beings in the highest sense of the word. I’m not saying this from a stance of arrogance. This is simply the clearly stated GOAL of both of these world views (one in religion one in therapy) – and choosing anything as a goal is the best guarantee for realizing that goal.

Switch now to a different scene, where a group of women is learning about their struggles with life. As one of them expressed it, in the quest for a better me and better tomorrow we need to stay focused on the fact that God gives us these challenges to help make us into better people. Seeing it this way makes the challenges easier to accept than they would be if we only saw them as bad luck. We may still not like it, but knowing there is a loving God communicating with us and inviting us to become more fully ourselves makes all the difference.

Does this bring up any associative thoughts for you? Let the world be a classroom for all of us. You are invited to share…(submitted by Batya)

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