I have a goal: To excel in ping pong.

If I were handicapped in some obvious way, I suppose you would understand the meaning of this goal. Success would show the world that determination can overcome obstacles. There would be courage in just making the effort to meet the challenge.

But I am not handicapped, thank God. Ok, I am about 50 years older than when I first started playing the game, so there is the message that you’re never too old to learn. But that’s not my main motivation.

It’s just that I want to fly like Jonathan Livingston Seagull. I want to play with such complete concentration that I lose all conscious awareness of myself. It is sometimes like that when you’re “hot”. You slam slams before you can see them and do all sorts of things that you could never do if you tried to. You’re just an astounded witness to the expression of abilities you had no idea were there.

Could this be a metaphor for how to live life in general? Can we be so committed and concentrated on performing the tasks we take on as part of our mission in life, that we execute them at a level of excellence well beyond our expectations?
(Submitted by Aryeh Siegel)

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