Believe honest people

wounded soldier from flotilla

Yesterday I wrote about how responsibility means caring for your gifts. On today’s news the word responsibility was used in a different sense. In a radio interview about the circumstances of the flotilla on its way to Gaza, an Israeli naval officer interviewed put responsibility squarely where it belonged – with the provocateurs who persisted, after being warned, on invading Israel’s territorial waters and attacking the Israeli soldiers. For more details see here. The interviewer insisted on knowing: Are there pictures? Can you prove the Israeli soldiers were attacked with bars and knives and that they were shot with live ammunition from guns that the terrorists grabbed from them? He said yes, there are pictures, but let me ask you this: “Do you believe me when I tell you we were met with extreme violence and the soldiers’ lives were in danger?”

Responsibility, according to Viktor Frankl is response-ability. You need to be capable of responding to the reality in front of you. And in order to respond to reality you have to see that reality with as little bias as possible and you certainly have to be free of lies and dishonesty. If there is no basis of honesty and integrity, anything you say or do will not be a response to what reality demands of you. It will only be a reaction to your own distorted illusion of what you mistakenly think reality is.

How can I know what happened if I wasn’t there? Whom do I choose to believe and why? How is trustworthiness earned? The time has come for the world to wake up and take the responsibility for whom they choose to believe – those who are honest or those who are dishonest? (submitted by Batya)

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