The elephant-bird

One statement that struck me powerfully from the past week was: “You’re only gifted with what you take awesome responsibility for. Otherwise you lose it.” (Teria Shantall, logogroup) On a practical level we need to relate to other people’s property as theirs. We can’t steal, and what we borrow we have to take good care of. Concurrently there is a deeper level. We don’t “own” anything in this world. We don’t possess our house, our car, our children or even our bodies. The gift is given together with the responsibility to care for it. The gift is inextricably bound to the responsibility. Remember the children’s story Horton Hatches the Egg by Dr. Seuss? Mayzee the lazy bird goes flying off on vacation while Horton the elephant sits on the egg through sleet and snow until it finally hatches…an elephant-bird! What makes responsibility so awesome is that everything in this world belongs to the One who created it, who entrusts us to take care of it for Him – to help it thrive and flourish and grow. We’re given talents – so that we will develop and use them for our good and the good of the world. We’re given children – so that we will help them become the beautiful souls that they are. If we neglect them we lose our rights. We possess nothing; we acquire everything through love and devotion. What are your thoughts about this? (submitted by Batya)

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