Grabbing floaters

Do you remember when you were small blowing those white puffy dandelion flowers and watching as they float gracefully into the wind? Thoughts float by us like that. We don’t hear our inner voice and we think we’re not creative because we ignore or even dismiss the inspiration that floats across our radar screen instead of grabbing it. When I sat down to write today’s blog I recalled one of these floaters that came to me this morning. Maybe it was triggered by Varda’s comment about midot (spiritual traits). I’ve been planning a group around personal development and I wanted to tailor it to their needs. What would be a good way to focus us? The thought floated my way to ask everyone in the group to write: “What do I want to change in myself that would allow me to fully emerge as the one-of-a-kind glorious spark of the divine that I am?” Once they’ve done that, they can choose the topic from an inner place. (submitted by Batya)

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