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I heard someone say once that a sure sign of maturity is when a person is prepared to forgive his or her parents. What are your thoughts? Does experience of your own or others back this up?

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3 Responses to Maturity

  1. nobusysignal says:

    Yes one sign of maturity is being able to forgive ones parents, but being able to forgive yourself is crucial. with out this moving fwd. in maturity will be seriously hindered.

  2. logogroup says:

    I wonder whether the two go together, that if you can forgive your parents this indicates you have forgiven yourself and if you can forgive yourself you will be capable of forgiving your parents. We can forgive from a place of seeing our upbringing as our destiny, as giving us a commission. They did the best they could, and we also did the best we could with what we were given, and now it’s our responsibility not to blame them or ourselves but to pick up from where they left off.

  3. nobusysignal says:

    I can agree with you, yes.

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