Blogging reminds me of jogging. Like everything else in my over-busy schedule it’s relentless. As much as I’ve written there’s always a new day and a new task ahead of me. Having many repeated tasks to do becomes boring if it’s the same old, same old. All of life is sameness on the surface, until we dive beneath the surface.

The secret to what makes every moment so very new and exciting for me is that it’s not in my control. I might jog along the same trail every day but the scenery is constantly changing and inviting me to learn something new. Like the five-year-old son of a friend who, while trying to figure out how to balance his plate and cup on his lap asked me, “Do you have any ideas for me?” Is this noteworthy enough to announce to the world? It is if I take it to heart and realize no matter what situation I’m in I’m not alone. I can always reach out to someone and ask: “Do you have any ideas for me?” The lesson only came because I was open to it, not because I was controlling it.

Whenever I give some thought to what happens in a day I usually find that diverse events point to a common meaning. One day this week I had two conversations. One put me ill-at-ease. The other maintained my sense of integrity. Seeing the two conversations as a unit highlighted something for me. – I don’t believe in putting the “self” in the center. Can I plan, manipulate and control my world using neatly packaged coaching tools as if “I” am my own source of accountability? No! We need to plan but we do not control what happens. I was encouraged to stick to my convictions, even when there is a tempting coaching bandwagon to jump on.

Logotherapy is about finding meaning in the truest sense of the word – meaning that is beyond myself, that comes to me through no control of my own, because it is orchestrated by a higher wisdom. To hear it I need to listen carefully and seek what is real in life. I need to take the responsibility of searching for and awesomely realizing this meaning. (posted by Batya)

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