Altered consciousness

A friend recently related to me a powerful incident. While stalled in traffic, she decided to turn around and take an alternate route home. On this alternate route she passed by a curious sight. Several people were on the road running in a panic to a certain car whose gas tank was on fire. She thought to herself, surely someone must have called the police but then again maybe they didn’t. It looks as if this just now happened, and they might be concerned first to see if the driver is okay, and haven’t had a chance to call for help yet. She called the police and sure enough, hers was the first call. Had she not decided to take the alternate route she would not have been there. If she had decided ten minutes earlier or later she also would not have been there. But she was there, and she was conscious of the fact that just maybe she was there for a reason. This capsulizes the concept of meaning of the moment. The discovery of meaning is not about mulling over things. It’s about developing an altered consciousness – not through drugs but through attentiveness and response-ability. (Submitted by Batya)

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